Ajax has won 4-1 against Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu won the last league match in the Champions League on Tuesday night, 4-1 in the Netherlands. The Netherlands’s team won the two legs have moved from 5-3 in the next round to the next round.

First Half

In the last three matches, the net could not be seen in the net, in the fourth minute. If the Rafael Veren’s head fails to cross the cross in Lucas Vasekse, the hosts have to burn frustration.

Do not miss the disappointment of the golden opportunity, but in the seventh minute, Real missed behind their mistakes. Tony Crus’s weak backpack, under the control of Dushan Tadich, went behind the defender and went into the D-box to increase the number of hackmen. The Dutch midfielder sent penalties to the ball from the penalty spot in Conakuni shot.

In the first leg, playing the Super Bowl becomes more aggressive with the losses. The result was that in the eighteenth minute, the gap between Europe and Europe in the last 1994-95 season was twice the margin.

This goal was also an important contribution to the Serb forward Tadich. However, the Real players will not be able to avoid their liabilities. The Katikuri, Katikiro, a lot more forward to Konakuni D-box increase the ball. In the meantime, no one came forward to stop him. Brazilian forward Nares, who have been advancing to the ball with the ball, was caught by forwarding goalkeeper Thibo Cortova.

Along with this, the two-legged side beat 3-2 in the four-time champions Ayax. Four minutes later Naresh’s chip shot was a little missed. Shortly afterwards, Claude shook the ball to Quarto

After the injury, he left the field in the 29th minute and followed him six minutes later Vinceus Junior. Gareth Bell and Marco Asencio were replaced.

In the 43rd minute, the team failed to take the field again to try. The ball shots from the passage of the crosses are barred from the post. In the second half, the opportunity comes again in front of the Welsh forward. The guest goalkeeper with his weak shots from the dangerous place.

Second Half

In the second half, he could score a goal in the real 50th minute. But Benzema’s shots went with cross-border crossing of Dani Karvahal. Two minutes later, Latina took the game away from Real Madrid to take the match.

However, this goalkeeper of Belgium could not hold him long enough. In the mouth of the team-d-box, in the face of the box, the left foot will be sent to the ball with a loud shot. Referee playing the ball whistle with the help of VAr on suspicion whether the ball had passed the ball at the start of the attack.

At the 70th minute, the Spanish defender, Serhio Regilan, got the pass penalty spot, while Asencio defeated the goalkeeper in the left-footed Konakuni shot. The ball gets trapped in the net in the post. The playground at the Bernabeu woke up and opened this game.

But their hopes did not take two minutes to get hopeless. From the left to the great one free-to-the-clock with a crossbar, send a message to the goal: Denmark midfielder Lacey Hearn Coacha did not reach the goals even after scoring.

In the 84th minute, Bell got another great opportunity. But his left foot shot could not beat the match-winning goal keeper Andrea Onana in the match. Two minutes later another attempt was made to cross the crossbar and the gap did not increase.

Adding to eventual matches, Real came down to the squad of 10. Spanish midfielder Ron de Vick fired from the back and left the field after seeing the second yellow card, Spanish Defender Nacho Fernandes, who was given the chance in Serihio Ramos.

Real Madrid Tragedy

With this rate of embarrassment, the end of the Champions League, a decade of the great success of Real Madrid. Four times champions in the last five matches, including three times in the European competition, in club football, have been eliminated from the last sixteen after nine seasons.

Madrid’s club, which has lost all four matches in all competitions, Three times in the last seven days! And with these three defeats, the hope of winning their title in the current season has ended.

On Wednesday, they were dismissed in the Copa del Rey by a 3-0 win over Barcelona in the semi-finals. Three days later, they lost 12 points to the top-ranked team losing 1-0 to La Riga in the La Liga. If there is nothing dramatic in the remaining 12 rounds of the league, then there is no hope of becoming the champion of the Solaris’ team league. And now fans of the 13-time champions in the Champions League stage have to leave the fans in front of the fans.

On the other hand, in the first leg of the Champions League’s knockout stage as the first team, the second round of the home team scored a 2-1 goal in the next round.

To reach the quarter-finals, Borussia Dortmund had to walk around the house to beat the first leg in the first leg. They could not. Again, it was reversed. Harry Keane lost the Bundesliga Tops to the top of the bowlers, and went on to beat the two legs 4-0 in the second leg, Tottenham Hotspur.