Argentina begin with a defeat against Colombia

Colombia in Salvador, Colombia beat the second highest 14-time champions 2-0 in the ‘B’ group match on Sunday. After the team went out after the victory of Maritzen, the doubled the gap to the Supplier.

First Half

From the beginning the two teams were rhythmic, the attacks were lonely. Argentine midfielders did not have to coordinate with the attack. Lionel Messi had to play down a lot to get the ball. After the pass, the captain has got back the ball from the teammate.

Seriejo Aguero got a great chance in the seventh minute from the random football. Colombian goalkeeper Davyd Aspina failed to get the ball away from the D-box to prevent Messi’s growing ball aiming at him. Manchester City striker Aguero was unable to apply for a loose ball.

Argentina were ahead in the first half of the ball, Colombia in attack They got their first good chance in the sixteenth minute. Argentina’s survival of the flight from the D-box, when Martyne’s shot went out of a defender, went out of the way.

For the first time in the 27th minute, there is a good chance for the opponent in front of Colombia. Without clearing the ball, goalkeeper Franco Armaan returned to Nicholas Otmandi. He messed up and called for danger. Gido Rodriguez, who got out of danger in the last minute, came in for a corner of the corner.

Second Half

Argentina could score goals at the start of the second half. But the midfielder Leandro Cordes’s shot is a little confused for about 30 yards away. In the 55th minute, Messi was able to reach the ball in a de-box, but he was late for the shot.

After four minutes, the ball flew from the corner to the right and caught the strong shot taken by Cadès, unstoppable. This was the first goal shot of the duo in the first goal. Argentina lose the best chance in the 66th minute After blocking the head goalkeeper of Oatmeaden, the loose ball was spotted unbelievably missing by the small de-box, Barcelona star starred.

After a break, Colombia, who got a bit defensive, scored goals in the 71st minute with a counter attack. In the middle of the midfield from Hamas Rodrigues, crossing the long cross, Konarkuni went ahead and found a strong shot in the forward looking forward, Martinez.

n the 86th minute, the span doubled the gap. On the left side, midfielder Jefferson Lerma extended the ball to get the ball in the box and send it to the first place in the placing shot at the Atlanton forward. With this gap in the rest of the world, Colombia, leaving the field with a great win against the World Champion twice.

In Porto Alegre in the ‘A’ group, the first match of the day between Venezuela and Peru was scored without a goal. In the same group, in the opening match of the tournament, Bolivia lost 3-0 to hosts host Brazil.