Australia has whitewashed India’s in T20

During the T20 series, the Indian TV shows that the advertisements are rarely seen. Australia’s jersey is a group on the cover. India’s former opener Virender Sehwag is looking after them and says that the whole team will come. Take care of in response, former Australia opener Matthew Hayden warned, “Do not take Australia lightly, do not be brave did he hear Hayden’s warning? There is no harm if you do not hear it. Today, Glenn Maxwell alone in Bengaluru has explained that Australia has not been able to take lightly anyhow. Maxwell’s match winning century has certainly been heard by sixes V Sehwag!

Virat Kohli smashed 72 runs in 38 balls with an unbeaten innings in good batting with the responsibility of India the scoreboard went up 190 to 4 wickets. To start chasing, Australia needed to start hurling. It was not at the end of the first six overs of the Power Play. Marcus Steynis and Aaron Finch have returned after 42 runs. In the third over, Stevens (7) dismissed Siddharth Kaul Captain Finch (8) gave victory to Vijay in the next over. In the fourth over Australia lost two wickets in 22 balls,

But Maxwell has taken Australia to a 7-wicket win over the match. 9, in his 55-ball knock, his 113-ball unbeaten knock, Australia won the series by two balls. This is the first bilateral T-20 series in Australia to win Australia. Kohli lost the first series to India’s home ground in international cricket. In the last three years, it is the first series to be played at the home ground with three editions.

Maxwell, who scored 73 runs for the third wicket with D Archi Short, Victory lifted short on the ball in the 12th over (40 off 28 balls). Australia needed to score 83 runs in 48 balls. Maxwell, with Peter Handscomb, has made this combination of success easy. This way, in the 28th balls, his second fifty is in the series. In the last five overs, 60 runs needed to win Australia. Maxwell-Handscomp pair added 16 and 12 runs in the 16th and 17th overs, and the last three overs conceded 32 runs.

Maxwell, who scored a century in the 19th over, This is his third century in international T-Twenty. He made this work as the first Australian. Australia needed 9 runs in the last over to win. Maxwell, who scored 7 in the fourth ball, Handscomboy was unbeaten on 20 off 18 balls at the other end.


Australia will win the series in Harley India has played the gamble for Rohit Sharma in the second match of the series with this equation. India’s ‘Hitman’ could not be rewarded in the first match. Instead of entering the team in the second match, Shikhar Dhawan-E, or where was the expectation? But in the tenth over Dhawan returned to India’s score of 70 for two. Expectation did not run. Dhawan’s contribution of 14 runs scored less than 24!

Ultimately, Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have fulfilled the expectations of India’s batting score. The current and former two captains have tied together in the 11th over. India, after scoring 74 for 3, feared to repeat the first match. In the first match, only 126 runs in 7 wickets were scored by the host’s batting order. Kohli’s team (190 for 4 wickets) made more than 64 runs in Bangalore today. Kohli contributed 38 to 38 Dhoni scored 40 runs in 23 balls. India have got the chance to save the series by 100 runs


At the end of 15 overs, India’s score was 113 for 3 wickets. India made 77 runs in the last 30 balls. Kohli scored three sixes in the 17th over with Kultur-Nile alone. Dhoni played on the other side of his own rhythm. For the slow batting of the first match (29 for 37), India’s cricket fans have posted thousands of messages for Dhoni’s retirement in social media. But Dhoni, in Chinmashami, explained that Dhoni has many things to give to the team at the age of 37.

Kohli and Dhoni both reached their milestone in the T20 career 50th scoring. Dhoni scored 50th sixes in the T-Twenty T20 as the fourth Indian to hit de Archi shirt and hit the milestone of 350th century as the first Indian in international cricket. After that, Kauler-Nil hit three sixes in the fifth wicket as the fifth Indian to score 50th in the T20.

In the 17th over, Australian leggie Adam Jumpa was stuck with only three runs for Dhoni and Kohli. In the next over, however, the two experienced batsmen of India tried to recover from defending the deficit of 18 runs from D Archie Short. Four-sixes came in the next over. Dhoni scored 19 runs from this over for Richardson. Dhoni goes back to the last over of Pat Cummins He made 3 sixes and 3 fours in the innings. Kohli was the last to survive. The Indian captain, who was dismissed in the last over,

Kohli, who scored 6th fifty in the T20 against Australia against the sixes and two fours in an innings, This edition has the highest number of fifty-over innings against any team. Earlier, the record was owned by Kushal Perera of Sri Lanka. Perera has played fifty five-over innings against Bangladesh.