Barcelona and Villarreal match has drawn 4-4

On Tuesday night, the thrilling match of the Villarreal field was a 4-4 draw. In the first leg of the league in December, Barcelona lost the team 2-0 to Barcelona 2-0.

First Half

Barcelona could go ahead in the second minute of the match with a good rhythm to win the title. However, the pass holder of Luis Suarez’s Conakoni shot after passing the Qutianioya went on to make the ball goalkeeper. Shortly after Spanish midfielder Vicente Ebora took the corner of the corner, Barcelona goalkeeper Mark-André Tare Stageen

Barcelona lead two braces in the 12th minute Destroy the right on the right and enter the de-box. Kootinio made the round with a glance in his hand.

Malcom doubled the gap after four minutes. The midfielder joining Camp Nou at the start of this season at the beginning of this season, the midfielder joining the cross-head of Artoo Vidal.

Shortly after, the gap could have increased further. However, the Choot Shot post of Pretoria was blocked.

Barcelona had no respite for the two goals ahead. In the 23rd minute of the match, Samule decreased the distance between the game. After passing through the teammate, he got into the D-box and blocked his shot post. However, the Nigerian midfielder sent the ball back to Kanakuni shot in the ball.

Second Half

In the fifth half of the second half, Ekoki made a remarkable one-altering match with Villarreal. From the right side of the side, the right side of the side of the side of the side of the side of the side of the dynamite, in the de-box, from the rugged angle to the strong shot, this forward-looking Cameroon’s forward. Tare Stageen could not get any chance to stop being ahead in front.

In the 61st minute to raise the attack, Messi took Koutonio up and brought Messi to the ground. Next goal by digging the third goal in the minate. On the left hand side of the teammate’s safe pass in the D-box, Spanish Midfielder Vicente Ebora has found the net by posting a contingent shot at the Conakuni shot.

Carlos Bakca scored another 4-2 against Scoltline in the 80th minute. Long before the midfielder, the ball rolled into the de-box with the help of a long-running ball to score a goalkeeper and scored the goal for Colombian forward.

In the last minute of the scheduled time Messi had another great free-to-go goal. There is a new hope in Barcelona’s camp, which has been down the line. This is the sixth free-kick goal for the Argentine star in the current league. And the total goal scorers are 32 goals.


In the third minute of the season, Suarez scored the score line 4-4 in the disappointment of the hosts. If the ball defender fails to clear the flyer from the corner, then the Uruguay striker will send in the net with a very strong shot.


In the 30 matches, 21 wins and seven draws topped by Barcelona’s point 70.

Other match

Atlético Madrid, who lost to Ziron in the first match of the day, has lost 8 points in the second place. Real Madrid has 57 points with three points in one match.