Barcelona draw against Bilbao

Lionel Messi was not a fit for La Liga match on Sunday night in San Mames. However, the achievement of the host players is not enough to keep the Barcelona captain trapped in each of the previous eight matches. Also, in the middle of the mediocre, Phyllipe Coutinho and Arturo Viadalas have frustrated. Luis Suarez was unable to match himself in the attack.


The Barcelona goalkeeper Mark-André Tare Stageen’s performance in the whole match was great, In fact, Barcelona, ​​with some of its coolest seals, is left intact.

First Half

In the beginning of the match Bilbao got the first significant chance in the eleventh minute to increase pressure on Barcelona’s defense. In the mid-field, losing the Windy Ball, fast turn counterattacks, the defender Uri Becherich’s Konakuni shot away from the D-box is short-sighted.


Spanish midfielder Merkel Sussayetta’s strong shot at the edge of the de-box in the 17th minute, with a left-arm knot on the edge of the corner, Barcelona goalkeeper Mark-André Tare Stageen. Raul Garcia, along with the goalkeeper, bicycle kick .


Bilbao goalkeeper went ahead to stop Nelson Semedo in the 26th minute. At that opportunity, taking the loose ball, about 30 yards away, the shot taken by Messi takes the top of the crossbar.

Second Half

In the second half, most of the time Barcelona took control of the ball and took the attack. But they could not get any chance. In the 82nd minute, it was easy to move forward to Imaki Williams. But the Spanish forward shot of the unprotected batsman Steynne has been battling a lot of fiasco.


Bilbao’s Spanish defender Oscar de Marcos is second yellow card in the first minute of the extra time. Barcelona, ​​however, could not afford to lose one chance to the lowest.


Messi’s first goal in the home field against Valencia last weekend, then Messi left the field with a point in the first game. And this time the team did not see the net. In the first season of this season, the goal was not found in the Catalan team. Messi scored all three drawn draws.


Barcelona won by 15 points in 23 matches and Barcelona’s top 51 in six draws.


On Saturday, Atlético won 3-1 in Real Madrid’s Madrid Real Madrid Real Madrid with 45 points. Diego Simeone’s team, placed at number three, is ranked 44.

Sevia is in fourth place with 7 points down.