Barcelona draw against Lyon

In the draw of the night on Tuesday night, Barcelona kept on the unbeaten run against Lyon in Europe’s best show. One of La Liga’s most successful teams won four of the previous six matches.

In this match, Barcelona was unbeaten in the last six out of the knockout stage in the Champions League. They have lost four of them. Of these, Spain’s one of the most successful teams in the five matches did not show the goal.

And in all this season, Barcelona has drawn in the last five matches, four draws. After three drawn draws, the Catalan club won 1-0 at home against Real Madrid in La Liga on Saturday.

First Half

In the third minute of the match at the opponent’s ground, Lionel Messi fouls out of the D-box, got a free kick, Barcelona. This forward shot goes to the crossbar on the Argentine side. In the next minute, Hosem’s shots were hit by counter-attacking Barcelona goalkeeper Mark-André Tare Stageen.

Barcelona survived a great fight in the ninth minute. French midfielder Taeyei’s strong shot from the outside of the D-box touched back to the crossbar at the touch of Glasgow. On the left side of the 19th minute of the match in the attack-counter-attack, after defeating many Defenders, Usman defeats the chance to hit the keeper on the goalkeeper.


At the time of the addition of the first half, Barcelona’s Sereno Bussetta shot the opponent’s opponent on the back of the post.

Second Half

In the second half, Lyon was facing a counter attack from time to time with his own protection. However, under the post of Barcelona’s post, the confidence wall was made by Tare Stageen. Barcelona’s disappointment could not be overcome by the opponent’s D-box, in the 62nd minute, Luis Suarez’s shot came in the back of the goalkeeper’s corner.

At the end of the attack, Barcelona did not meet the desired goals. In the 70th minute Suarez’s another shot went away from the post. Five minutes later, the effort to slide the forward Uruguay slides to the Jordi  Alba has been unsuccessful.

In the 85th minute, the match was settled in the draw if Messi did not find the address of Bassett’s.

Two teams were seen in the last Champions League ten years ago. Barcelona reached the quarter-finals of the 2008-09 seasons with two legs to beat Lyon with 6-3 goals.

Ernesto Valvier’s team, hopefully, last eight at the same time, due to returning to their field in Camp Lewis on March 13.

Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich returned in the first leg of the last sixteen when Liverpool came out with a draw.