Barcelona has beaten Liverpool 3-0

Spain Champions won the Champions League semi-finals 3-0 in the first leg of the champions. Messi scored the second goal, the other goal was by Luis Suarez.

On this day in 2005, Messi opened the goal scorer for Barcelona. After 14 years, the milestone of six goals scored by the side touched the team.

Camp Nou got up to date from the start of the match on Wednesday night. Barcelona started the attack in the first minute and started But Liverpool put pressure on them with speedy football.

First Half

Mohamed Salah has been promoting the fear of Barcelona In the first half, Sadio and Salah did not have enough balls, but Mark-André did not have to put Stephen in the same way.

On the other hand, former club Liverpool made themselves out against Philip Koutinio. In the third minute, Ivan Rakitich got the ball in a dangerous place near his defense. Suarez wanted to back the cut midfielder with no shot goal. Save Joel Matip in the service of the great block.

Liverpool’s defender’s tackles were very cool. Andy Robertson disappointed Messi at the thirteenth minute on a great slide. Opponents came in front of Liverpool. But Salah could not find Maneka in a convenient place.

Barcelona’s wait was ended in the 26th minute. Suarez took the team forward in the first round of the tournament. The Liverpool’s former striker took the catch by catching the goalkeeper with a sliding cross on the Jordi Alba. It’s Barcelona’s fifth-best goal in the Champions League Prior to this, this work was only Real Madrid.

In the 32nd minute, Fabinoo blocked the shot of Qutiani. The starting speed is a little lower at the end of the first half. For the first half, Liverpool scored more than Barcelona. But they did not have any of their six-shot goals.

Second Half

At the start of the second half, the Barcelona goalkeeper tested Liverpool. In the 47th minute, James Milner’s bullet shot, saved by a bolt shot corner, was saved by Tare Steegan. The goalkeeper, who had been beaten seventy-seven times in the 53rd minute, was again beaten by Barcelona’s bettor, again by stopping the salahr shot.

In the 59th minute Salah Katbaya came in front of Milaner. The English midfielder wasted the opportunity to take a shot with the goalkeeper.

Strengthen the attack to handle the attack. Arnesto Valvarde Naaman Nelson Semedo in place of Kautianioya It also works in

In the 68th minute, there was an opportunity to double the gap against the game line, in front of Suarez. He could not take a shot from Messi’s perfect cross, but he could not take a shot from a dangerous place.

Messi broke the gap in the 75th minute to 2-0. After catching Sirhio Roberto, Suarez got the ball after getting the ball. Uncertain Barcelona captain took control of the crossbar and came back to the crossbar. There was no problem sending the ball down the chest and sending it to the net.

The third goal against Liverpool was the first goal of Argentina’s captain. In the European Sera, he scored a goal against 32 teams. There are goals against 33 more than Messi, only Raul has scored.

In the 82nd minute Messi scored a very good free-score line 3-0. Liverpool goalkeeper Alison could not prevent his perfect shot from jumping. Barcelona have got free-kick in hazardous places as Messi fabino foul This is the 12th goal of the captain in the current tournament.

On Tuesday, Anfild will face the team with two back-to-back encounters.