Barcelona has beaten Manchester United 3-0

Ernesto Valvier’s team won a 3-0 win over Campe Nou on Tuesday night. Five-time champions won two fours and two fours in the last four. They won the first leg 1-0 on Wednesday.

First Half

The opportunity came in the first minute. After breaking the break, entering the D-box, Marcus Rashford’s chip shot kicked off crossbar and went out. In the next 10 minutes, the visitors were forced to maintain high pressure in Barcelona.

In the fourth minute, JC Liegarde entered the Barcelona D-box in defiance of weakness. Goalkeeper Mark-André Ste Stageen, who was at the end of the tour, was unhappy.

In the tenth minute in the United D-Box, when Ivan Rakitich fell on the foot of the penalty, Penalty flute referee playing the referee. But later, with the help of VAR, he changed his mind.

Messi and Savior save Barcelona from numerous dangers. The captain stopped the ball by sending the ball twice in the space of four minutes. Messi scored his six-year goal in this quarter-finals of the tournament.

In the 16th minute on the right hand side grabbed the ball from midfielder Ashley Yonge and saved a man crossing a little further, in the trademark shot, the Argentine star took out the post.

Barcelona goalkeeper Davy de Hare unbelievably forgets second goal Barcelona Messi lost the right leg of the right-footer from the D-box ahead of a few times when he lost his ball on his boundary. There was no danger of such danger. But the ball goes through Spain’s De Hare’s hand and crosses the goalline.

Messi is the 10th and 110th goal in the history of the Champions League. Fifth player of the year, the player of the year, the two-legged team of 3-0 ahead of the match also got control. Messi scored 45 goals in all this season.

Messi-magic again just before the break In mid-medium, the ball was tossed away from the opponent’s legs. After spending two people in the D-box, Jordi Alba gave the pass. And on the cross of the Spanish defender, crossing the cross in the cross.

Second Half

In the 61st minute, the final fours of Qutiani’s game went through to make sure that the hosts were almost sure. Messi crosses the ball from the midfield to get the cat rollback. The Brazilian midfielder defeated the goalkeeper in the long-legged shot of the right leg of a few feet forward.

In the last minute of the scheduled time Alexei Sanchez’s head tare Stageen jumped and returned to the big gap, United returned. Barcelona have been left out of the tournament for the fourth time in their European Champions Trophy final. In addition, five-time champions in the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals of the competition

In the final, Barcelona will play against Liverpool and Porto against the winners. Yugren Clap team is ahead by winning 2-0 at home in the first leg.

In the second match, Italian champions Uvantos, who lost 2-1 in the second match, got two legs in the 3-2 ahead, in the semi-finals, four-time Europe champion Ajax.