Barcelona has big against Real Betic

The champions won 4-1 in the La Liga match on Sunday night.

Last November, the last two teams saw the defeat of Barcelona in Camp Nou 3-4 by Bettina. The revenge of the sweet Ernesto Valvaradera team. Joy took over the opponent’s field.

First Half

From the beginning of the Betic field, the attack started to attack every match. The team, which has eight points in the points table against Barcelona, ​​are at number eight. But the failure of the finishing bettake suffered Messi could not make many opportunities, Messi took 2-0 lead in the first half.

Barcelona captain captures a free-kick ball in the 18th minute This is his fourth goal straight from a free-kick in the current season.

In the 41st minute, Suarez had a great chance to pass Messi’s square. Only eight yards away from the unprotected Uruguay striker goalkeeper with the shot, the team disappointed.

Increase the time interval added Messi. Looking at the teammate, Suarez found him in a good backwheel. The Argentine captain sent the ball to the ball with a perfect shot.

Second Half

Suarez’s tenth Asist in the current tournament It could have become eleven in the 60th minute. To send the ball to the javelin of his great cross, only one tap was needed, Jordi Albare. He might not touch his head.

In the next minute, Suarez’s Conakni shot did not aim for a shot. In the 63rd minute, the striker taken not disappointed. Suarez has been betraying two players in the middle of the middle of the ball with the ball in midfield. Another player skid left the right foot shots to find out the mesh.

Suarez sat next to Diego Forlan, who scored the highest goal of Uruguay in La Liga. This is his 21st goal in the current tournament.

At the 82nd minute Lorraine Moran’s goal was reduced by Bettis. Diego Linees got the ball when the ball fell slit in the D-box. He found out the nets in great shot.

Messi finishes the hat-trick in the 85th minute after receiving the ball from Ivan Rakitichake, he picked up a fine chip on the goalkeeper’s head.

In the current year, he has 29th and overall 39th goal in the season. Another time could have been added; But Messi did not get the fourth goal of the post.

Messi is the 33rd in the top league in Spain and 51st hat-trick in his career.


Barcelona, ​​with 20 wins in 28 matches and 66 points from two draws, has further consolidated.


Atletico Madrid 2-0 at the Atletic Bilbao ground, Atletico Madrid is down by 10 points to the second place. On Saturday, Real Madrid, who won 2-0 against Salta de Vigo in Saturday’s second match, are at number three with 54 points