Barcelona has won 1-0 against Real Madrid

Ernesto Valvadoran team wins 1-0 in La Liga on Saturday night in Santiago Bernabeu. Ivan Rakitichi scored the only goal to make the difference in the beginning of the match.

In all this season, in all competitions in the competition, against Real, four times, Barcelona won three, and another draw And Barcelona’s 96th win in all competitions. Real Madrid wins 95

Real cannot create a chance at home. The game did not impress the plan. Karim Benzema – Gareth Bailra could not play football like Barcelona’s defensive champions Escrow was also dull for a long time to play.

In the first leg of the league, in the absence of Lionel Messi in October, Barcelona was dismissed by Luis Suarez’s hat-trick 5-1 in Real Madrid. In the Copa del Rey Semi-final, in February, the match was a 1-1 draw in Camp Nou. And last returning on Wednesday, the Madrid Club beat Madrid 3-0 to win the final, the Catalan club. Now, with a further victory, the party has expanded its dominance over the antagonists.

Frist Half         

Messi, who was lacking in the classic three days earlier, was also dull in the first half of the match. The first significant opportunity is from his legs. With the ball in the 19th minute once with Suarez, the Argentine star defeats the shot goalkeeper but the post goes out.

Barcelona went on to stop Bernankeu in the 26th minute. Scherzo Roberto shortened the ball and proceeded fast forward Rakkitich Behind Sirhio Ramos, at the right side, enter the de-box and send the ball back to the ball with the return pass, the Croatian midfielder.

After joining Barcelona, ​​it was the second goal of Riquetic against Real.

Suarez took a big shot in the 38th minute and got a shot, but goalkeeperbetha quarto stopped the ball to reach the ball.

Before the break, Ramos rushed to the ball and took possession of the ball while his hand was filled with excitement in Messi’s face. Both of them were involved in a little bit of war, the referee went to calm the situation.

Second Half

In the 59th minute, when Gerard PK failed to make the ball fall in the D-box, Vincius Junior got it. However, his shot defender, Clemon Longle, was resisted. Two minutes later, Real Madrid captain Ramos falsified the yellow card by foiling Messi again.

On the 70th minute, the post shot from the post of Usmanamembel was a little missed. Try not to break the opponent’s junk guard, try a long-range shot, Vinceius and Cassemiro. It did not work well.

In the second half, Messi’s eyes sometimes face some discomfort. It also has its effect on performance. However, he got the golden opportunity to double the gap in the last minute of the time added. But Arcto Vidal got the pass and the captain’s shot shot went out of the post.

Barcelona, ​​with 18 wins and six draws in 26 matches have made the top spot with 60 points. Atlético Madrid, at the second place with a 10-point low, will play one-game less.

And behind the title of the 12 points behind, there was a lot to lose after the title of the Real Madrid Real Madrid. Third place group 48

Alvases, who lost 2-1 in Violetle, went 40 places in the fourth position. With 1 point low to five, there is one game less Gayte.

And in the bottom of the points table, Hueyekar Field 2-0 in the Huev Sevaya 26 points in the 26 matches in sixth place.