Barcelona has won 5-1 against Lyon

Camp Nou defeated the French club 5-1 in the last 16th over, and Ernesto Valverd’s team lost to Camp Nou. Lyon’s first round of the season was scored in the field.

After Messi reached Barcelona, ​​Philip Koutinio doubled the gap. Luka Tuza hit a goal early in the second half. After a while, Messi would increase the gap again. In the end, the Catalan club left the field with Gerard Pikey and Usman Deambel making a big win.

First Half

Barcelona could go ahead in the fourth minute of the match. Going out of the D-box, the left-leg of Messi was going through a turning knock and turning the net into the net, the goalkeeper paused for the corners by jumping.

In the 17th minute, the captain’s spot came as a desperate goal for Barcelona. Messi’s elusive ball hit the D-box, while Luis Suarez Fowl was caught in the penalty flute referee playing the referee. Argentine star to send ball to the ball in Panenca shot.

The guests had a great opportunity to draw the balance after two minutes. But with the goal-making position, Memphis Dipeye shifts out of the leg of French defender Clemon Langley.

Shortly after losing the ball, leg-spinner Andy Lopez hit the leg of leg-spinner Kaminenio. Anthony decided to continue playing with first aid in the field. He was forced to leave the field in the 34th minute due to feeling sick. In the 31st minute, the team digested the second goal.

Suarez walks in the box with a ball to move forward. The goalkeeper came running to prevent him. And Uruguay striker has increased the gap in the scope of the opportunity. Brazilian midfielder Koutinio scored the goal in an effortlessly placing shot.

Second Half

In the second half of the second half, Messi’s chip shot returned from the last minute to enter the net. Brazilian defender Fervando Mankal returned. After a while the hosts were resisted to maintain another hideous attack.

If the ball defender failed to clear the ball in Barcelona’s D-box in the 58th minute, then Tuja got it. The French midfielder lowered the ball by lowering the ball with the ball.

Messi doubled the gap in the 78th minute. Passing away from Seyboo Buscats, he shot two Defenders in a flutter in the D-box and took the shot five times of the year’s footballer. The ball rolls into the leg of the ball with the ball rolling.

Messi is the eighth and the overall 108th goal in this year’s European Championship in Club Football. And 6 goals in 61 matches at home.

Along with this, in the 11th season, the Argentine captain made all out of the competition for a total of 35 goals.

Messi made a big contribution in the 81st minute. Five-time player of the year’s football player passed the ball from the midfield to the ball and went into the D-box and deflected the defenders. When PK came out of the run, PK shot the ball into the foot.

Five minutes later Messi magic again He pushed forward from the midfield to the left side with the ball. In a quick de-box, the ball beat the goalkeeper in the Kanakuni shot and dropped out of the Koutiano.

In this competition, the 30-match unbeaten (27 win, three draws) were held at the home of the Champions League, Barcelona, ​​which is the record of the competition.

Other Match

In the other match that started at the same time, Bayern Munich took 3-1 goals in their last match to make the final cut in Liverpool.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Ayax, Porto and Juventto are the confirmed quarter-finals.