Barcelona has won league champions

Ernesto Valvier’s team won the championship by winning in the 1-0 champions in Camp Nou on Saturday night. In the first leg of the league, Messi won the hat-trick in Barcelona by 5-0 goals.

Barcelona won the La Liga title on the eighth and last season in this 11th season. They are the second highest 26-time Champions League champions in Spain.

First Half

Making pressure from the start of the match, Barca got the chance to advance twice in the first five minutes. In the second minute Suarez took the shot from the goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards, from the distance of 25 yards away from the penalty shot holder of Phyllipe Qutienier, the goalkeeper

Before the break, the hosts took five more shots with the goal. But the success was not met. In the 41st minute Brazilian midfielder Qutiano Free-kick crossbar trembled.

Second Half

At the start of the second half, Messi took Kautiano up and brought him to the coach. In the 62nd minute, the captain gave the desired goal to the team. Argentine star defeats the goalkeeper on the left foot after being beaten by a first pass by Erto Vidal, who got a small pass in Jatla.

Messi is the top scorer in this year’s league with 34 goals. As a substitute for La Liga, it is his 24th goal, the 21st century which is the highest.

Five minutes later Barcelona were sitting on their own to lose goals. Lewis Morales Goalkeeper, who was behind the defender, entered the d-box alone. But the Spaniards survived the Spanish midfielder eventually.

In the end, Levante got two good opportunities. But the goalkeeper Mark-Andre could not beat Tare Stageen. As well as a shot shot of Anis Burdy gets blocked. Louis Suares missed the opportunity to increase the gap during the added time. But they did not keep their title win.

In the 35 matches, 25 draws and eight draws, the champion’s point is 83.

Athletico Madrid, who lost Real Vriadlid 1-0 in the second match of the day, is second with 9 points below. Real Madrid score 65 for one match less.