Barcelona has won the semi-finals 3-0 against Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu won the semi-finals 3-0 in the returning match on Wednesday night, in the final by a two-legged 4-1 victory over Ernesto Valvier’s team. Early this month, the first leg of the match was a 1-1 draw by Camp Nou.

In the tournament known as the Spanish Cup, Barcelona became the first team to qualify for the sixth consecutive title. Of these, the tournament’s most successful club has won the last four times.

As always, most of the time Barcelona were in an effort to attack the ball, taking possession of the ball. But that goal could not be very successful in the first half. Vicisius Jr. screams in the wake of the sudden fluttering attack on the left side and protects guests.

Before the break, the Brazilian forward was also given two scopes. But he was frustrated by the team twice and he disappointed the team.

Barcelona stops at Bernanke in the 50th minute without being able to keep a shot in the first half. Suuers forward to the team in Konakuni shot first by touching the debut in the debut box of Usman Deembail in the D-box.

In the 67th minute, Gerard penetrated PKK and entered the D-box Venecius. The second round of Spanish Defenders spent young forward; But at the end, disappointed with the missed shot again.

Two minutes later, Rafael Varney sits in a suicide goal On the right side, the French Defenders send their nets to the ball to prevent the ball from rising in front of Suarez.

In the 73rd minute Suarez’s successful spot-fixing game came to the control of Barcelona. The referee played the penalty flute when the catcher was fired by Uruguay striker in the D-box.

Suarez scored more than one goal for the third time in this classico. The 32-year-old forward, who scored a brilliant hat-trick in Real Madrid last season, missed Lionel Messi in the League in the league. In all competitions against Real, his goal is 11 goals.

Barcelona, ​​with the goal of winning the title for the fifth consecutive title, will be the other semi-final winners in Valencia and Real Betis. The final will be held on May 25.