Germany’s revenge against Dutch in dramatic win

World Cup winners in the last 2014, winning 3-2 in the ‘C’ group on Sunday night at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. In the UEFA Nationals League, the team lost to Dutch 3-0 in October last year.

Lauren Sane and Sergei Zinbri scored the ball after the Netherlands were beaten by Matis D ‘Written and Memphis Dipai. In the end, Niko Shulz scored Germany’s winning goal in the end.

First Half

From the start of the match, the team went ahead in the fifteenth minute to hit the opponent. Tony Crosse passes quickly in the D-box to increase the ball midfielder Shulz. Manchester City’s forward Leroy Sawn was targeted by the host’s young talented defender D. Putt in the D-box when he went down the ball to the left foot in front of Kanakuni shot.

Ryan Babel hit the goalkeeper in the 25th minute and disappointed him. Manuel Nayar to stop his shot. After two minutes the ballmaker, along with the shot, wasted another easy chance of equating the ball with the basics midfielder.


Zanabri doubled the gap in the 34th minute with a fine one. Bayern Munich Midfielder Zinabry took out a fake shot at Konakuni high shot after losing the Liverpool defender Virgil van Dyk to Antoine Rodney Rudigar’s pass de-box.

Second Half

In the third minute of the second half, Belarus started 4-0 in the qualifying and started the qualification. From left to left the gap between Memphis Dipaiyar Cross Head D. This is the first goal of the 19-year-old player for the national team.

If German players failed to make the ball unsatisfactory in their debut at the 63rd minute, then Dipey pulled the equation in low-pitched order. The Liverpool’s midfielder scored two goals against Belarus.

In the 85th minute, Jimmy shirts the ball with great skill, the hosts goalkeeper Yasipha Sylaseen. But after four minutes did not live. Sholaj confirms the win in a placebo shot at Marco Royce’s cutback penalty spot.

World champions Russia go out of the group stage after World Cup Later, the UEFA Nation League leaning in the league. They have the highest six matches in their history in 2018. On Thursday, Luv’s team won the Serbia in the first match of the year with a no-go. Finally, with the thrilling win this orbital gave a glimpse of four World Cups and three Euro winners.

In the second group match, Belarus beat Belarus 2-1 in the second match of the group, Northern Ireland are at the top with 6 points in two matches.

Netherlands place 3 in second places Germany scored a goal in the third spot with equal points, in a match to Germany.

Believe it in Belgium, I Eden Azaar and Mikhi Bansuai scored a 2-0 win over Cyprus to their side, Roberto Martins’s team topped with 6 points in two matches.

Russia, who lost Kazakhstan 4-0 in the second place, took 3 points.