Girona has won 2-1 against Real Madrid

Real Madrid spend a great month in In the last two matches, they came back with a positive result from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Expected win in the Champions League from the Ayax ground. Real Madrid came back to La Liga again. But Real Madrid fielded Real Madrid as the other team. Los Blanco, who lost to girona, 17th matches in the league 2-1. Real Madrid has moved back to the third place in the league with 9 points ahead of Barcelona.

Real on the field started quite aggressive but after attacking one by one, it took 25 minutes for the goal to be seen. The midfielder has given the team a great head forward in a cross box in the crosses. Still, Real Madrid did not slow down the attack. But they could not open the face of the ball even after creating one opportunity. That is the end of their time.

Reality was also at the beginning of the second half. But girona returned slowly to the match. In the 63rd minute Ramos grabbed the ball while handling the penalty, from there, giron Uruguayan striker Stuyani has been equaling the team. In the hope of winning, Real coach Solari Viniasius, Bell and Mariano take the field. But the decision to reduce the players in the middle-order has been boomerang. Douglas Luiz took away ball from Casemero in midfield. Costa Rica returned the shot from Luiz, who took the shot from Luiz. But the returning force easily sent the net in the net.

After that, Real could not return to the match. In the next 90 minutes, after bicycle kick, Ramos saw the second yellow card. Another red card was also seen in the captaincy of the team, with Real’s showing.

This is the seventh season in Real Madrid. They will be playing against arch-rivals Barcelona on March 2 in La Liga. Earlier, on February 27, Santiago Bernabeu reached the Copa del Rey semi-finals, Real Madrid, Barcelona.

On Wednesday, on the last leg of the Champions League last Wednesday, the Solaris team won 2-1 in the Aix match ground. The highest 13-time champions of the competition will play in the return-to-field match on 5 March.


Solari claims that the competition is not giving much importance to the other competition than the league.


“The league is always on our priority list. We need to quickly turn around and move forward. Three competitions (La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League) are open to us so far. ”


Real is in third place with 14 wins in 24 matches and 45 points in three draws. Barcelona collect 54 points. Atlético Madrid is in second place with 47 points.