Kohli’s rate at the beginning of the innings

Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, according to the IPL’s el classics, many indicate that in the match. Virat Kohli versus Mahendra Singh Dhoni, it is normal for the audience to enjoy the extra pleasure of one of the two cricket stars in India’s cricket history. But Kohli could not go against the field against Dhoni if ​​he could live! Kohli’s Bangalore win by seven wickets in the opening match of Chennai today. Bengaluru win seven matches against Chennai in this match. Who will win the Cup, keep it for the future. Virat Kohli, however, lost to the first match. Photo: AFP

Who will win the cup, keep it for the future. Virat Kohli, however, lost to the first match.

Chennai Super Kings Innings

Kohli’s frustration in the TB screen was flowing repeatedly. Each run of Suresh Raina or Ambatu Rayadu was run on his chest. However, the bowlers did not have to do any more than 70 runs and Bengaluru bowlers had to do. Chennai’s batsmen have suffered a bit of discomfort in the beginning, this is the comfort. But Raina and Raidu took the game slowly. Finally, Chennai reached 17.4 overs to reach 71 for the win. Highest 28 runs from Ryadu bat And Dhoni did not have to bat with the bat. On the other hand Kohli scored just 6 runs in 12 balls.

After Shane Watson returned to the crease by 8 runs, Ryadu made a 32-run partnership with Raina. Chennai has built a good foundation for this. Rayyan (19) returned to the team’s 40-run knock while Raidu and Kedar Jadhav were rested. Rayudu, who returned to the game with a personal score of 28 runs, was also not out on 13.

Earlier, the IPL started in 2009 with a terrible batting display. Bangalore out for just 70 runs Let’s first answer the question of the waking up. No, this is not the lowest score of the IPL. Not even the second lowest score. That’s not the unique achievement of that. The highest score of IPL is Bangalore. The second highest run is also theirs. They also hold the lowest score (49). Only Rajasthan Royals (58) kept their record for the second highest run-getter. Today, Bengaluru was afraid to take it for a long time in the innings. Fate, Jagdish Patel’s objection was raised to record such a record.

Royal Challengers Innings

Patel returned to the opening of the innings as the last batsman of the team returned. He has only 29 runs behind his name for the long time. The number of balls (35) is more than that. Yet for this innings, the team will be grateful to Patel. That’s because Patel did not have to write their own records again. Kohli has returned to 16 for the team. Who knew then, the opening pair would be the best of the innings! One batsman has come after one and consumed niceties in front of the spinners of Chennai. Harbhajan Singh (3 wickets), Imran Tahir (3), Ravindra Jadeja (2), the ball spin and bounce could not understand anything. With the help of 17 balls, all out for 70 runs. Of course, even after the horrific batting performance, they were able to avoid the top five of the lowest runs that is the consolation!