Malcom rescues draw for Barcelona in cup semi in opposition to real

On Wednesday night, the primary leg of the Copa del Rear Semi-final became a 1-1 draw in Camp Nou.

Since the start of the match, the pressure of the defense of the opponent has increased in the sixth minute by a rugged attack. On the left side of the Vignes Junior cross, increase the ball in small d-box Karim Benzema. And the first ball touches the ball with the perfect shot Spanish midfielder Voices.

In all competitions against Barcelona, ​​goals were scored in each of the last 15 away matches.

Venecius spreads the panic of Barcelona in the direction of speed, and in the 22nd minute, another great cross in the de-box. Tony Crowe got trapped; But he failed to take control of the ball.

Barcelona, ​​desperate to return to equilibrium, lost the fate in the 33rd minute. Malcom’s free-kick defeats Ivan Rakitich’s head goalkeeper, but the crossbar prevents him. Two minutes later, eighty-yards away from Luis Suarez’s left foot shot jumped by Keirra Nawab.

At the beginning of the second half, the lack of speed in the Real Madrid game was clear. With the opportunity to increase pressure, Barcelona reached the desired goal of the 57th minute.

After breaking the rescue, she ran out of the left-hand dancer to prevent her from entering the d-box. Suarez took a shot with a loose shot; The ball goes to the post, on the right, the unprotected Malcom’s feet. Send a message to the ball near the top shot of the left foot and send the Brazilian forward.

At the 64th minute, both teams made two changes at the same time. Messi and Arcto Vidal named Barcelona and Roccític in Barcelona And guests, named after Gareth Bale and Cassimiro, picked up Vicius and Marcos Laurent.

There was a revival in the match. Shortly after coming out of the field, a lot of speed was over, Messi went ahead with a lot, Messi stopped him and stopped him.

In the 83rd minute, Belle got the face of Benzemar pass de-box. Wells forward to spend one inside; But finally he could not control the ball.

With the advantage of the Away goal, Real on Saturday, February 27, Santiago Bernabeu will take part in the return-to-field event. And with the last four times, the maximum 30-time champions Barcelona will take the fifth consecutive final