Manchester City has beaten Tottenham 4-3

City won 4-3 in the last eight rounds on Wednesday night. The scoreline stands 4-4 with two legs. Tottenham got the last four tickets for the goal in the field. Maureşio Pachtino’s team won 1-0 in the first leg at home.

Tottenham’s first win in the Champions League history for the semi-finals In the final, their opponents were defeated by Real Madrid and quarter-finals Juvantus lost their last match.

The difference between the two-legged fight was largely made by San Huong-Min. After the first leg of the winning goal, South Korea’s forward forward made two significant goals in the field. Rahim Sterling’s two goals in the City Camp in the dream of the last four. But the English Premier League champions were not happy at all.

First Half

Goal Festival begins in the fourth minute. Take a ball with the teammate and increase the defensive pass in the D-box by Kevin de Bruin. Sterling took the place by finding the net with a strong shot on the right foot.

The rest of the city is 1-1 and the rest of the two leg ends in just three minutes. While defying the attack, the French defender Emerick Llong pushed the ball to Huying-Min’s legs. The low-straight shot goalkeeper, who took him out of the D-box, got in.

And in the 10th minute, the best one-stop game was stopped by Hugh-Min. He scored his second goal in the cross-section of Christian Ericson’s pass de-box, and posted his second goal in the right foot.

In the next minute, City returned to the equally good match. To avoid the shot taken by Bernardo Silver, Joe Lauris, who had jumped a little before trying to change the direction of ball defender Danny Rose, crossed the goalline.


In the 21st minute, the team went ahead again with the excellent understanding of the duo of Bruce and Sterling. On the right side of the Belgian Midfielder, a great cross crossing in the post gave Conakuni shot a second goal scored by the English midfielder. City goes 3-2, scoreslines 3-3 with two legs. However, the guests are ahead of the valuable away.

Second Half

After the break, increasing the pressure on the defense of the opponent, the City increased the scope of Aguero’s skill at the 59th minute. D. Brinin’s safe pass of the PA de-box got right in the corner of the conakuni shot two legs in the scoreline 4-3 in the Argentine star. The sky of the city peeps into the semi-final.

But dramatic again. Tottenham scored the equalizer in the 73rd minute of the match in Settys. The ball flew to the Kieran Tripere’s corner in the small de-box, trapped in the neck of Spain’s Fernando Lorent’s thigh. Whether the ball took his hands, the referee playing the ball whistle after the VAR. Equalize the scoreline with two leg; But Away goes back to goals as Tottenham

In the third minute of the added time, host fans on the sidelines of the Sterling Junk Papa Guardiola’s fame in the sidelines was stuttering. But all the joy blows momentarily. Goal cancellation with the help of VAr, due to Aguero being offside during the attack. After the match City players were frustrated in the face of the eyes, water in their eyes After the great win, the farewell that is to be taken away from the European Sera stage


In the second match at the same time, Porto defeated them 4-1 in the field, Liverpool went on to win the two-leg match 6-1 in the semi-finals. In the final, their opponents Barcelona.