Manchester City has won 2-0 against Manchester United

Current champions won 2-0 goals at Old Trafford on Wednesday night. City beat United 3-1 in the first leg of the league last November.

Although the title holders were much ahead of the match, the United States looked at the attack in the beginning. The first opportunity was made in the twelfth minute. But Paul Pogba was disappointed with the weak shot. After five minutes of Brazilian midfielder Fred’s long-distance shot missed, the team survived the trophy.

Gradually, the city itself has increased its pressure in the last 15 minutes of the first half. They have two good opportunities at this time; but disappointed Rahim Sterling For the first time, Fernando did not take control of the high-powered ball D-box and could not control it. The English midfielder took a weak shot of a second for the second time.

Second Half

In the ninth minute of the second half, the team finally reached the desired goal. In a raided attack, Elkai passed away at Gindoan’s pass de-box and sent a ball to the ball in the foot of the left foot. Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva

The city could get the second goal after two minutes if fortunate. But the shot taken by Serio Aguero takes the outside edge of the post.

In the 66th minute, the length of the skill was doubled by Leroy Sain. The important contribution to the goal was the rhythmic starlingen After dragging the ball from their borders and passing it in the D-box, he and the German forward to find the net in the left footed Conakuni shot.

In the 76th minute, Arsenal returned to the striking corner with a powerful shot to take the catch of Romelou Luakur. Jesse Liegard’s foot goes back to the ball; but if the English midfielder failed to take the shot properly then United did not return to the match.

In the second leg of the league, and the fourth in the last six matches, the team of the competition was left out of the tournament. This is their seventh defeat in all the matches in the last match. City, on the other hand, won the title in the league and went ahead with a big one.

Other Match

Manchester City’s points-89 in 35 matches and top two draws Liverpool at number two with 1 point low.

Tottenham Hotspur is in third place with 70 points. Chelsea’s point 67 in fourth place.

Arsenal, who lost 3-1 in the match at Ulverthampton in the second match of the day, has 66 points in the fifth position.

The chance of ending the league from Manchester United’s top four, found out of the ninth defeat of the tournament, has been delayed. Ule Gunna Sulsar’s team is in sixth place with 64 points.