Messi guided Barcelona against Valencia


On Saturday night, the match against Valencia was due to the fans of Barcelona. Barcelona, who were 2-0 down in the first half, ended with Messi on two goals from equal footing.

First Half

At the beginning of the match at the Nou camp, Valencia was afraid of defending Barcelona. In the third minute, Straigen scored the ball with a penalty shot to Valencia. After this, the Barcelona goalkeeper, who often had to face the attack, Every time passes with the pass number, the confidence of the Barcelona goalpost in the 24th minute was not saved from Kevin’s game. Gioro scored the ball with Rodrigo rising. Then the hosts steal again in the chest Valencia. Now the hero of the Valencia can do it.

Roberto Valencia’s Fasal Falley fizzled off the penalty whistle referee. The penultimate shot of Barcelona could easily find Barcelona’s net.


Barcelona 2-0 goals to keep away from Barcelona Messi, who got the penalty from penalty, the goodbye of the disciples reduced the gap to the 39th minute. In the 43rd minute, when Roberto’s shot did not go through the goalpost, Barcelona returned to equality.

Second Half

Barcelona had to wait for the 64th minute of the match to return to equality. Barcelona’s Argentine Golmasin returning to the ball with the ball of Vidal

Messi has scored goals in all of the matches, not the last. Messi is again getting a consistent goal after 2013. In 2013, the goal of 10 goals scored by Valver’s favorite disciple.

But after eight straight wins in the league, it was a message before the Copa del Rey semi-final match against Real Madrid for the stumble-down katlanera! Although there is a chance to win the first leg of the match before the Spanish giants. Barcelona will play against Atletico Bilbao in La Liga on Sunday before El Clásico. Prepare the day that Barcelona will be sealed …!