Messi scored to help win Barcelona’s against Real Valladolid

Current Champions League champions in Camp Nou win 1-0 on Saturday night. In the second half, Messi and Luis Suarez could not have missed so many opportunities, the gap would have increased. Barcelona’s captain failed to score from the penalty after the yellow card with a referee dispute.

During the two matches drawn with Valencia and atletic Bilbao in the league, on February 6, in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final, Barcelona scored a 1-1 draw with Real Madrid.

The first half of Barcelona’s performance was not expected to return to the orbit. On the other hand, the visitors spread fear in their custody several times.

However, in the 43rd minute Messi got the desired goal of the hosts. The referee’s penalties can still be questioned about the decision. The video replay shows that Mitchell was bribeled by his brother-in-law, but Jarad PK would have gone down easily. The protesters said guest players; However, the referee did not help the VAR.

Messi scored the maximum of 22 goals in the tournament. In the current season, he has scored 30 goals in all competitions. Argentine star made an impression of 30 goals in 11 seasons.

In the first half, Barcelona lost three easy points in the first 10 minutes. In the 48th minute, the goalkeeper spared Messi’s volley from eight yards away. Three minutes later, he took a missed shot from penalty spot. After a while Kevin-Prince Boateng could not take the goalkeeper alone.

Phillee Koutinio, who came down in the eighth place in the D-box after the fall of the Colombian football, was again found guilty by Faul. But Messi’s spot kick on the tour prevented the great game goalkeeper Masip across the match.

Uruguay striker Suarez failed to get the ball twice in the D-box while the rest did not extend the gap.

Barcelona won by 16 matches and 6 draws in 24 matches and Barcelona point 54 in 24 matches.

Atletico Madrid’s second win in the second match of the day, Rayo Bhayeke, won 1-0.

Real Madrid dropped to a third in the one-match game with 45 points.