Messi Barcelona, the start of the waiting is like a nightmare

Kevin Prince Boeteng is the first player to take his place in Barcelona on Thursday. The first match was not pleasant at all when it came to flying from Italy to Spain, the native German of Ghana, It can be called nightmares. Ultimately, instead of relying on the old school, Valverda has to rely on it. In the 63rd minute, Barça coach Luis Suarez was picked up by Boiteng to play for Catalan. But Suarez could not save the end; Barcelona beat Barcelona 2-0 in the match against Sevilla.


Barcelona against Copa del Rey, the previous nine-time defeat against Barcelona, ​​only once lost Barcelona. In the NU camp, the hosts lost the 2010 match by 2-1 goals.

Messi Barcelona played with the possession of the ball from the start of the match. In the first half of the season, Sevia, who is behind the ball, has been able to hold Barcelona’s attack successfully. The second half came in the first half to increase the hold of Sevia ball while playing a defensive game. Ruesay defended Barcelona Barca’s protectorate broke into it. Sevier Pablo Sarabia runs the first knife in the 58th minute for fans of Barcelona. Ben Yed and Sarabiya were in convenient places. After the extraordinary passage of the Seavier Forward Promise, Sarabia completed clinical finishing. Earlier, Barcelona’s Malcolm missed out on the opportunity to score a goal in the 41st minute.

Surrounded by the goal of digging round, in Valverde. Suarez and Kutinoho in the field Although the attack increased slightly, the work did not work. Sevia reversed the opposite distance In the 76th minute, Ben Yeder’s tap-in was wounded by the heart of the fans. After two goals from Ben Yeed’s goal, Barcelona made a vigorous effort to score goals. Ultimately, they all failed!