Portugal and Serbia match has drawn 1-1

On Monday night in Lisbon, ‘B’ Group’s match has drawn 1-1. Fernando Santos’ team started the qualifying draw with Ukraine on Friday.

First Half

Cristiano Ronaldo left the field after being hit by the Portuguese in the first half of the match for three days. Finally the team could not win from the long eight-month break; the return to the national team of Uvantos has not been pleasant.

Portugal could move in the fifth minute of the match. In the cross-de-box of Joao Concealto failed to clear the defender, Ricardo Carbio took a shot away from six yards away. Two minutes later they were sitting on the opposite side.

The midfielder Miyat Gachinovich in the D-box, Goalkeeper Rui Patrici also falsely played the penalty whistle referee. The spot was scored by Ayesha’s forward Doshan Tadich.

In the ninth minute, he got a pass from the midfield and went into the de-box and took a huge shot, Ronaldo took a shot. Goalkeeper Marco Dimitrovic, who scored in front of the corner, UVentos Forward failed again in the 23rd minute, six yards away.

Shortly after this, the hosts threw big shocks. Ronaldo leaves the field after being injured by foot injury

Danilo Perera returned to Portugal in the same scoring in the 42nd minute. Porto midfielder from the middle of the ball with a very high shot from a distance of about 22 yards away. The ball is trapped inside the crossbar in the net.

Second Half

The easiest way to move in the 71st minute is lost, Portugal. Baronaldo Silver cut back and Andre Silvor was shocked by the shot goalline.

In the first minute of the season, if Rafael Garrero’s shot was missed for a bit, Portugal could leave the field again with the disappointment of losing the points.

Portugal have two points in two draws with two points, Portugal are in third place

Luxembourg win 2-1 in Luxembourg, Ukraine tops with 4 points in the same match. Luxemberg’s point 3 in second place

England win second win in Group A Ross Berkeley scored Montenegro by 5-1 in the penalty shoot-out. Their other three goalscorer are Michael Keen, Harry Cain and Rahim Sterling.