PSG beat Manchester United 2-0 to take price

In the Champions League, the club won the first leg of the last sixteen on Tuesday night by 2-0 goals. After the PSG progressed by the penalty kimpeem, Kylian Mbappe doubled the gap.

Unlike Paul Pogba in the PSG field on Friday 6 March, the United States will play. At the end of the match, Dani Alvesh falsely foils the second yellow card, the French midfielder of the World Cup saw.

In the last two editions, the PSG, knocked out of the last sixteen, is now in the final stages.

For the first time, the performance of the first half of the debacle was disappointing. Nobody could create such a chance. On the contrary, the fawl of Chauchari; During this time, the foal flute referee played 13 times. Show five yellow cards; Of these three PSGs

The only significant event happened before the break, in the 39th minute. The Argentine gets the pain after pushing PSG’s Anhle de Marie in the ball possession of Ashley Young. In this, the players of the duo started arguing with the argument. There was no accident. Maria returned to the ground shortly after. Earlier, the referee warned on the trip to the yellow card beforehand.

Just before the break, United English midfielder Jesse Lignard left the field with a foot injury. Alexis Sanchez, the Chilean forward, was replaced.

The first significant opportunity was given at the beginning of the second half. Dabid de Haya took the corner of the Embezzle to give the corner. In the 53rd minute, the French Defender Kimpecker took the PSG to the left foot from the corner at the Maria’s corner.

Going forward and becoming more confident, the PSG raises the pressure on the defense of the opponent. They get quick success too. In the 60th minute, from the left side of the Marija cross, outside the small de-box, in the place of the ball, in the ball address to send Embaap.

The hopes of returning to the match after the expulsion of Pagba in the 89th minute ended the hosts.

This is the first rate of United under Sulzer. In all 11 matches, the Red Devils were unbeaten in all competitions. The team won 10 out of them. Europe came to the stage on the stage,

Italian club Roma lost the Portugal team FC Porto 2-1 in their first match in the first round of the last sixteen on Tuesday.