Real Madrid big win against Atletico madrid in derby

What was the match? Anybody scored the bicycle, and someone made a goal with video referencing. Penalties are that, after watching the ball after the boy’s house, he saw the goal of repeating the ball again. Large number of foul fist flames. The referee passed a yellow card like a twist of a twist. There is also a red card. It’s not good to ask for more than a derby. Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 3-1 in their home ground at the top of the competition, the rivals of the city rushed to the second spot in the league.


The Spanish commentator has a name for Kasemiro, “Invisible Man!” Despite being very aggressive in the field, he repeatedly refrained from referring to the referee’s name. Today the name has proven the success. But it is not Casemero, it has done the protection of atletico. Sergio Ramos and Rafael Varnare jumped to head in the 16th minute of the match to fly in the box. To stop them, all of the atletiko defense ran out. The ball came to the unprotected Kasimiro in front of the goalkeeper. Qasimiro also found a goose buck in his back. Surprised by everyone, I screwed Ian Obalak into the bike and sent the ball to the ball.

Atletico did not take much time to return to the match. Anhel Kouria gave a passport in the defense of winning the ball with Vincius in 25 minutes. Nearly middle-aged Real Rescue Tightman Gismanan himself was in danger to get trapped on the offside. Grisman did not mistake to send the ball into the net with the feet of Thibo Kotova. Real, however, could go ahead in the match again. If not, in 20 minutes Vancecius could fit rightly, Vasequez.


Reality did not have to head. After the first 30-minute stopping football, everyone is waiting for a little bit to breathe. The Brazilian Winger, in exactly 42 minutes, gave a run in the trade march. To prevent Vinnicius, not only did the yellow card eats honey, Penicillin also gave the gift. Ramos did not mistake the team ahead.


Alvaro Morata joined Atletico this January. In the Real Madrid academy, the striker scored a goal against his former team in 54 minutes. Three years ago Moore did not celebrate the same job for Juventus. But the referee said it was offside. This time he has to cooperate with the video assistant referee.


Gareth Bale, who ended the match in the 74th minute, Bell has made a great score from a ball made by Luca Madrice, hoping to return to form. After the exit of the red card on the Thomas Part 80 minutes, the rates of atleticoate were confirmed. During the rest of the match, the ball of Reality has increased the risk of Atletico, Real. In spite of this, they have missed the opportunity of two simple goals.


Real win with two place from 45 points in 23 matches. Atletico, three at one point low. Barcelona topped  50 points in 22 matches.