Tottenham has beaten Manchester City 1-0

Hosts won 1-0 in the first leg of the last eight at Tottenham Hotspur stadium on Tuesday night.

Tottenham is dominated by the attack, but Tottenham is dominated by the attack. They got the first significant opportunity in the eighth minute; But Moussa Sisoko’s cross-penalty spot spat in front of Dale Ali.

In the last sixteen shalak, the aggregate three goals, including penalty from two penalty points, get the best chance at Aguero XII minutes. But the Argentine striker’s spot kick prevents French goalkeeper Ugo Lauris. Referee played the penalty flute with the help of VAR when Danny Rose hit the D-Box in Rahim Sterling’s shot.

Tottenham hit a big blow in the tenth minute of the second half Harry Cain left the field after being hit by a ball with Fibrien Duff.

Meet the goal in the last minute in the 79th minute. South Korea’s forward Huang-Min sent the ball to the ball at the Conakuni shot to prevent defender from controlling the cross-de-box of Christian Ericsson.

The City of English Premier League title was not seen in this match. Most of the time, while playing with the ball, the team could not make any guaranteed opportunity without the penalty.

Pepe Guadiento’s team will play in the home ground next Wednesday to get the last four tickets.

In the second match of the day, the English club lost 2-0 goals in Portugal’s Porto Port of Liverpool.