Tottenham’s unbelievable win against Ajax

In the last four rounds of the Yohan Cruyff Arena on Wednesday night, Maoriisi patchatino team won 3-2 in the match. After reaching the AA goal they got the final ticket. Last week, Tottenham won 1-0 in the match with Ajax.

Football fans are going to see the ‘All-England’ final for the second time in the history of the UEFA Champions League. Earlier, Manchester United and Chelsea faced the 2007-08 final.

Tottenham Hotspur will face Liverpool in the final of the Madrid final on June 1, when they win Barcelona in the Wanderer Matropolitano title.

First Half

In the possession of the ball, the off-spinner took the goal in the fifth minute of the match. Could be the last minute. Dusan Tadich low-pitched English defender Kiran Tripey was going to get into the net with a high foot. The goalkeeper Ugo Lauris put the corner in front of the corner. Matase the Litt advances the team with a great head in the corner.

The Lit scored goals as the fourth teenage player in the history of the Champions League. The Dutch defender made the winning goal in the quarter-finals of the Uvantos field.

Guests could reply in the next minute; But luck was not helpful. The ban takes place on the post of San Huong-Min shots. Goalkeeper scored another shot in the 23rd minute for South Korean forward.

At the 35th minute, Hakim Jaayek’s excellent goal was to get Tottenham’s chance to stand out. On the left side, the Dutch midfielder took out the fake mid-fielder Fan De Beck’s cutback and found the net in the left corner of Conakuni shot.

The two legs went ahead by 3-0 margin in the 1994-95 season, winning the last Champions League, Ayaks. But the rest of the drama still remains.

Second Half

Tottenham could have scored a goal in the 53rd minute by increasing the pressure from the start of the second half. However, on the post of Kristian Ericsen’s cross-country post, the half-volley from Dele Ali’s game prevented the goalkeeper André Onana.

Two minutes later, the guests expected to meet the goal. In front of the attack, from mid-ball to mid-ball, run out of the legs and reach out to one bye Ali Ali. Enter the fastest d-box and decrease the distance between low-speed

Tottenham got back to the lost confidence as he found out. The second goal was achieved after four minutes. The goalkeeper made an impression with Fernando Lorent’s shot, but he could not make it out of danger. Brazilian midfielder Moore scored his second goal in the left foot shot by defending the defender in a loose ball jatla. Match 2 – 2 score Two leggie scoring line 3-2.

In the 79th minute, the fate of the fate did not get the chance to get back to Ayax. Jayayk’s low-pitched lower shot defeats the goalkeeper but could not avoid posting. Shortly after the same frustration is added to the guest camp. After Ian Vertonen’s head post was hit, his shot was stopped in goalline.

At the last minute of the time involved, Tysonham broke into the heart of Ayax. Dele Ali passed the pass and entered the de-box and sent the ball to the lower shot and sent the ball to the hattrick.

The last flute market immediately collapsed in frustration with the Padukone-D Litra. And the group, known as ‘Sparse’, burst into history.