Valencia has won against real Madrid

On the opposition field, La Liga scored 2-1 goals on Wednesday night. In the first leg of the league in December, they lost to Santiago Bernabeu by 2-0 goals.

First Half

In the first half, there was a lot of speculation ahead of Real. But their attacks did not impress the plan. They could not make any significant attacks before the break.

In the opposite 35th minute the failure of the guard kept the guests scoring. Gonzalo Geddes gets back to the corner with the ball flying from the corner, Portuguese midfielder Giddis, once in a ball with his teammate, entered the de-box and took out a net shot with a strong shot.

Real gets scorched by the ball, Real The revolting hosts continued to attack one another. But before the end of the first half, if their easy two opportunities were lost, the gap did not go further before the break.

Second Half

In the second half, the successful team of the competition was knocked out of the rhythm. They got the first corner in the 51st minute, but Real did not take any of the opponents in the examination.

In 75th minute, Valencia received a golden opportunity to double the gap in a great attack. But Dennis Chernyshev could not take the shot properly in small de-box. After that Gaumiro’s flick was stopped by Naavas.

Real in the 83rd minute could not hold the opponent Spanish midfielder Danielle Pahrano, who was caught in the ball by an Argentine defender in the corner of the corner,

In the last minute of the stipulated time, Limaye reduced the gap in the wrenching corner of the club, Karim Benzema. But there was no time to try to draw parity Real on the field with the ninth rate at the top.

Real Madrid scored 57 points in 30 matches and third in three draws.

On Wednesday night, Barcelona were 4-4 in the Viarial field, Barcelona topped with 70 points. Atletico Madrid’s second place, 62 points.