Venezuela has won 3-1 against Argentina

Venezuela defeated Lionel Messi ‘s Argentina 3-1 in the match at the Wanderer Metropolitano on Friday night.

Venezuelan starts the friendly against double world champions They took control of the match twice before the break and took control.

First Half

In the fifth minute, the height of the teammate from the middle of the ball, breaking the trap of the ball offside, and holding right leg at the right foot, leaving Gabriel Marcardo to the left, finding a net in the right foot, Salman Ronaldan There was not much to do with the Argentine goalkeeper Franco Armani.

Initially, the lack of coordination in the first-in-a-side youth group was clear. Messi is seen playing down a lot for the ball, Messi Argentina took the first best opportunity in 30 minutes on the edge of the game Argentina

After spending three of them on the perfect cross from left to right, Barcelona star Lauro Martins His diving head was aimed; But the goalkeeper paused for the corner and the goalkeeper paused for the goal of the goalkeeper. In the next minute, Giovanni Low Salso could not touch the feet of the ball as well as missed another good opportunity.

Ramanan got Armaan only after a while; But the Roer Plate goalkeeper has resisted him. Venezuelan goalkeeper saved Messi’s curved shot corner from outside the de-box in the 37th minute.

The team of Scolon digested the second goal in the 44th minute. Fast forward to the free-kick, getting a slight forward, Konakuni shot a 2-0 lead by midfielder John Murray.

Second Half

Argentina created strong pressure from the start of the second half. But somehow Venezuela was trying to stop the attacks.

Argentina’s chance to come suddenly from the attack on the 59th minute. Messi took the ball in half to find the ball in low sales. Murtis reduced the gap in the first touch after getting his defense,

After a while, the forward-looking intermolor wasted the easy opportunity to draw parity. He was the goalkeeper alone; But his shot goes to the ball post and goes outside.

In the 75th minute, the successful spot was bowled by 3-1. Venezuela defeats Darwin in the D-box after defender Huan Faith fouled

In the 86th minute on the cross of Messi, if the head of the unprotected River Plate forward Matias Suarez missed the goal, Argentina could not return to the match.